Human Genome Project






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    DNA: Deoxyribonucleic acid. One of two types of molecules that encode the genetic information. (The other is RNA. In humans DNA is the genetic material; RNA is transcribed from it. In some other organisms, RNA is the genetic material and, in reverse fashion, the DNA is transcribed from it.)in other words RNA comes from DNA

     DNA is a double-stranded molecule held together by weak  hydrogen bonds between base pairs of nucleotides. The molecule forms a  doubl helix in which two strands of DNA spiral about one other. The double helix looks something like an immensely long ladder twisted into a helix, or coil. The sides of the "ladder" are formed by a backbone of sugar and phosphate molecules, and the "rungs" consist of  nitrogenous bases joined weakly in the middle by the hydrogen bonds.

    The DNA makes up every part of your appearance and your insides. If your immune to disease have red or blak hair. It all comes from your parents and there parents.Some people have special abilities. So if you can change DNA  from human to animal turn out with half half something else. Mutate your genes and get rid of something, if you have the genes of cancer and they can take that gene out you won't have cancer any more.

    That is why the human genome project is so important to find out what gene is what and to help the human kind move on for  the greater good.

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