Human genome project

                                      Impact On Society

      The Human Genome Project had an impact on human beings and the history of science. Knowing where our genes are located allows scientists to open up doors that can help them understand the DNA better. This impacts our daily lives because the HGP defines an essential part of the human race: the exact location of our genes. It has undoubtedly had a major impact on biomedical research. Ultimately, it will be the ability to have a positive impact on the health of people and society that will prove whether the scientific effort and investment have been worthwhile. Therefore, it is important that research related to the human genome is carried out responsibly and within a society that is open to it. Genomic study will have a huge impact on the ability to assess risks posed to individuals by exposure to toxic agents. This knowledge will address DOE's mission to understand the effects of low-level exposures to radiation and other energy-related causes especially in terms of risk of cancer.  Genetics will help us understand human evolution and the common life that we all share in biology.

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